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Analysis of "The Social Dilemma"

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It’s a hand. A big hand of the most skillful puppeteer in the whole world. The brain of the puppeteer? Companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, you get the gist.These companies control our every move. It’s companies like these that offer free platforms tocommunicate, yet trap us with constant notifications and follower/subscriber count. It’s companies like these that drive teens to commit suicide from the judging of others

The working of the documentary, The Social Dilemma, shows us what these companies are really doing to society. A mastermind and computer science genius Tristan Harris is one of the creators of one of the most influential social platforms today, Gmail. It’s essential to all-important office communications, and just a way to interact with your friends and family. But great software comes with a cost - addiction. Tristan himself admits that he was severely addicted to Gmail. So he raised an ethical question towards the Gmail team. “How can we stop this from becoming addicting?” The question caught fire quickly, all over Google. And then … nothing. It would have been the end. We would have found the solution to the addiction that social media brings us. It was like a revolution one day and the next day the fire to end addiction was extinguished. Although everyone had put a stop to their quest, Tristan was still motivated by the fact that we needed to stop this. He went on to co-found the center for humane technology. What he argued for, was that there is a team of engineers that are behind the screen, trying to hook you into checking your phone. Snapchat - You may have heard of it. It has taken the teenage messaging system by storm, because of one critical feature - Snapstreaks. This feature is like an incentive for people to continue to message and send snaps to every single person every day. These fake and meaningless internet points still keep people sending snap streaks every day.

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