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The Split Brain

What does it mean when people say you are left-brained or right-brained. Does being right-brained mean you are not creative, and does being left-brained mean you are not logical? Are these Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you your brain hemisphere fake? Turns out they are; it's all a myth. The brain is divided into two parts, known as the cerebral hemispheres. They are more commonly referred to as the right and left brain. Both these parts act as organs of their own, only connected by cerebral commissures. The strongest and largest cerebral commissure is the corpus callosum. The first step to separate the left and right brain is to cut the corpus callosum. This indicates that some functions of the brain happen on specific sides of the brain; essentially, they are localized. Each eye provides different inputs to the different cerebral hemispheres. This means that even if the corpus callosum is cut, the brain would act normally. The only problem with the cut of this commissure is the two sides would not be able to communicate with each other.

An example of the localization of the brain would be speech. Speech is localized in the left brain. An experiment was conducted, where the corpus callosum of the subject was cut, and the behavior of the subject was recorded after. If an object is shown to the subject’s right side (therefore the information goes to the right brain), then the subject would not be able to identify it. This is due to speech being localized in the left brain. However, the subject still retained the information. The information was stored in the right brain, but the two hemispheres weren’t able to communicate and the subject wasn’t able to express that information. Experiments like these suggest that the two hemispheres have two completely separate streams of consciousness, therefore acting as two different organs that we have generalized into the brain.

At times each brain will have different beliefs and personalities. For example, if you believe that chocolate tastes good then it may be the case for only one side of the brain. The taste receptors that channel to the other brain may think otherwise. It is interesting to think that we are, essentially, two different humans trapped in one body, with one say.

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