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The Cosmological principle and human limits

Our universe, a vast and quite unexplorable area of science. Or is it? Many scientists have theorized the possibilities of the vast nature of the universe. In fact, there are quite a few official claims that can be made about the universe. One of these claims is the cosmological principle. This claim states that the universe is completely isotropic in all directions. But this claim does have its restrictions. We humans can only infer the universe from the milky way.

So, in a way, any of our claims of the universe are biased. This is called the Copernican principle. Our place in the universe is not special. Humans have experienced this principle first-hand, when we thought that the sun revolved around the earth. At that point in time, our point of view was from the earth. We now know that this is not true and the earth revolves around the sun. This mistake was made because we gave special treatment to the earth. Now our vantage point is the milky way, so we cannot make the same mistake with our current point of view. But we also know that the universe is infinite. Sooooo… that means there will never be an actual center or a vantage point that we can use to determine the scale of certain things in the universe. This means we can’t jump to this conclusion of the cosmological principle just yet. We need to take some steps before we reach this claim. Again the uniqueness and unknowability of the universe puts us back at square one. In the next blog, we will explore more theories about “our” universe. ;)

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