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My First Blog

Hello, my name is Adarsh, I am a freshman at American High School in Fremont, California, and this is my first blog post. Just a little background info about me: I am an avid coder and reader, basketball player, and a volunteer tutor for young children. I have created a non-profit organization, Sprouting Youth Foundation, that teaches kids of all ages STEM and public speaking which uses a curriculum that I have created. Furthermore, I have even worked as an intern at the humanist global charity to alleviate needy people from poverty in India. Take a look at my resume and my work/extra-curricular activities to get to know more about what I have done.

I am blogging to share my personal experiences. More importantly, I would like to write about my interests in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. I want to explore different ways about how to express myself and what I love to do, such as decoding language puzzles or exploring the way the mind works. My goal is to write blogs about things I read, and other fascinating things about my life that I wish to share, whether it be about the tactics I use to solve a problem or the ways you can learn from my mistakes.

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