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Linguistics and Cognitive Science

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The Blog

The main reason I blog is to share my personal experiences. More importantly, I would like to write about my interests in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. I want to explore different ways about how to express myself and what I love to do, such as decoding language puzzles or exploring the way the mind works. My goal is to write blogs about things I read, and other fascinating things about my life that I wish to share, whether it be about the tactics I use to solve a problem or the ways you can learn from my mistakes. So take a look at some of the blogs.


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About the Author

I’m Adarsh Murugesan, a rising junior at American High School. My love for cognitive science and linguistics has encouraged me to write blogs around those fields. I created this website has a hub for readers to engage with my blogs and learn about linguistics and cognitive science and its connection to everyday life.



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I am eager to connect with like-minded people. If you would like to start a discussion please feel free to use the form here.

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